Family Court Advice Guides

If you are involved in a family court case, you may find the following guides useful:

1. Family Mediation – what is it and how can it help?

2. Applying to the Family Court – help with the C100 form

3. Family Court Support Service – help if you can’t afford a solicitor

4. Your Family Court Hearing – what to expect

5. Writing a Statement for the Family Court

5a. Writing a Position Statement

6. Preparing a Schedule of Allegations

7. Factfinding Hearings – what to expect

8. Section 7 Report – what is it?

9. Child Contact Centres – what they do and where to find them

10. Using a Family Solicitor – what they can do for you and how to find one

11. Clare’s Law – Domestic Abuse Disclosure Scheme

12. The Welfare Checklist – how the courts make a decision

13. Legal Aid – help to pay for a solicitor