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We rely on the generous support of volunteers. Our volunteers work in a range of areas such as administration, research and advice.

Volunteering is a great chance to build your skills and find new challenges while making a difference to your community. If you think you can spare a few hours a week we would love to hear from you. Please click here for further information and how to apply.

We also run a Volunteer Scheme in partnership with the University of East Anglia, giving students an opportunity to learn practical skills in a legal advice setting. For more information click here.

Volunteer Vacancies

Family Court Support Service (FCSS)

What does the Family Court Support Service do?
Following cuts to Legal Aid, Norfolk Community Law Service is offering a service to assist clients who are seeking Child Arrangements Orders through the Family Court.  Our work involves completing and submitting court forms, attending hearings and running a court desk on Mondays at Norwich Magistrates Court. Our clients are either referred to us from NCLS’s Free Legal Advice sessions or when we meet them for the first time at the court desk. We provide general guidance and support during the court process, helping clients to remain calm and focused on what is best for the children.

Volunteer Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Providing moral support to Litigants in Person (LIPs), through pre-arranged appointments or at the Monday court desk sessions
  • Ensuring conflict of interest checks and data forms are accurately completed
  • Helping to prepare clients for court, discussing the court process and their desired outcomes
  • Assisting with court paper work and taking notes for clients in court
  • Writing detailed and accurate attendance notes to share with the rest of the team

What we are looking for in a volunteer
Excellent people skills, ability to put people at their ease. Our clients are often vulnerable individuals and they are going through a very stressful experience. You may have to deal with distressed clients, assist people who have learning difficulties, or communicate via an interpreter. Patience is essential!

Volunteers should be able to dedicate at least one day a month to the service, and preferably be available on Mondays. Training for this role takes a substantial period of time so we are looking for long-term commitment.

No prior experience of law is required, full training is given which largely consists of shadowing more experienced volunteers.

For further details on the role and what we are looking for in a volunteer please see the below documents:

FCSS volunteer advert
FCSS volunteer profile

For more information please contact:

Judi Lincoln
Advice and Volunteer Manager
14 Prince of Wales Road
Tel 01603 496623
Email judi@ncls.co.uk